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Thomas Ashby

Thomas Ashby


Tom Ashby studied for both his undergraduate degree (Artificial Intelligence and Computer Science) and PhD at the University of Edinburgh. The PhD was on the topic of using high level languages for scientific computation, and was supervised by Prof. Mike O'Boyle from the CaRD group and Prof. Anthony Kennedy from the department of physics. After completing his studies he did a post-doc with Marcelo Cintra on simulating lightweight hardware for cache coherence on shared memory platforms, and then took a position at IMEC in Belgium (

At IMEC he has worked on program transformation tools to support practical combined functional and loop parallelism for software on multicore embedded systems. After the results of that project were transferred to a large Japanese conglomerate, he moved to working on hyperspectral camera system design and image processing using machine learning techniques. He is currently part of the Flanders Exascience lab working with Intel on the performance and reliability challenges for scientific simulation on exascale machines.

In his spare time he tries (in vain) to understand the complexities of the Belgian political system, read the bits of French literature that he can understand, cook, fiddle with technology, and put up shelves and the like.

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