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Shun Long

Shun Long

He arrived in The University of Edinburgh in October,1999 in pursuit or a PhD degree. He got it in June,2004 with dissertation titled adaptive Java optimization using machine learning techniques, supervised by Dr. Michael O'Boyle. After a brief spell as a research assistant in ICSA, he returned to China in late 2005 and works in Department of Computer Science, JiNan University (Guangzhou) as a lecturer, before being promoted to associate professor (Reader) in 2008. He is currently the coordinator of the system architecture group. But he is more proud of being the co-founder of the MINing and reTrieval group (MINT group) which focuses on industry-oriented intelligent systems armed with data mining and information retrieval techniques.

Joint by his hard-working colleagues and students, he is currently working on machine learning, data mining, information retrieval and collective intelligence, optimizing compilation and intelligent agents. He has published 40+ research papers at conferences and in journals.

Apart from his teaching and research commitments, he is also interested in reading, cycling and cooking/eating.

His homepage, (Chinese)

He can also be found at

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