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Euphoria - Edinburgh, December 10, 2012

Laboratory Launch Event

Euphoria: A European lab in programming and design of heterogeneous many-core systems

Invited Talks and Reception

Informatics Forum, G07, 1pm - 4pm


Euphoria is a new laboratory in the programming and design of tomorrow's heterogeneous many-core systems. It brings together 5 international leading Universities to work together with industry on the grand challenges in our area.

The academic team consists of:
-  University of Edinburgh - Coordinator Prof. Michael O'Boyle
-  BSC/UPC - Prof. Xavier Martorell
-  University  Ghent -  Prof. Koen de Bosschere 
-  INRIA - Prof. Albert Cohen
-  RWTH Aachen - Prof. Rainer Leupers  


Castle 2
The future is heterogeneous many-cores but there is no clear way to design and programming them.

- As the number and diversity of cores increases, the software gap between theoretic and actual performance grows larger and will be the critical issue for computing systems in 5-10 years time.

Our goal is to research and develop core technology for embedded to exascale many-core computing.

- It will take an end to end approach based on real application and deliver the intervening stack.

- It brings together Europe's strongest teams in system software and programming languages.

Programme of Work

Euphoria will tackle the central challenge of how to design and use heterogeneous many-cores. It will tackle these with 5 coordinated activities:

- Research: This spans programming languages to hypervisors; from embedded controllers to exascale computing.  We will exploit the rapid convergence of previously vertical domains to develop scalable innovation.

- Technology Transfer: Research excellence must have a real impact. We will develop knowledge transfer into companies and exciting new startups from our research.

- Next generation innovators: A real two-way dialogue. PhD education linked with industrial internships and industrial engineers with academic sabbaticals.

- Next generation Applications: Too often system research focusses on tomorrow's solutions to yesterday's problems. We explore new mobile and crowd-sourced applications. 

- Tools and prototypes: The way we do systems research is changing, leveraging community development can lead to rapidly prototyped ideas and deep community penetration.

Launch Event 

The launch of the lab will take place on Dec 10, 1pm to 4pm at the Informatics Forum, 10 Crichton St, Edinburgh, UK. There will be an invited industrial keynote and panel sessions followed by a reception and networking opportunity.


1.00 pm: Welcome and introduction to Lab: Michael O'Boyle

1.20pm:  Statement by partners

1.40pm:  Keynote by ARM - Jem Davies VP of Technology Media Processing Division

2.10pm: Coffee break

2.40pm: Industrial Session including:

      • Imagination Technology
      • Samsung
      • Freescale
      • Herta Security
      • Vector Fabrics
      • Wolfson
      • CodePlay
      • Agilent
      • Critical Blue

3.00pm:  Industrial Panel with Q and A

followed by



Attendance is free but requires prior registration. Please email to register for the event.



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