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ARM Centre of Excellence

The ARM Centre of Excellence is a research initiative in the area of software for heterogeneous multi-core computing. It focusses on developing innovative compiler and runtime approaches that can adapt to achitectural evolution providing low-energy, high performance data center scale computing.


" We are very excited about working with the world's largest processor IP provider" says Prof. Michael O'Boyle, Director of the Institute for Computing Systems Architecture.

" Designing and programming data-centre scale, heterogenous, multi-core systems is the key challenge for the next decade. Future systems will provide unprecedented levels of potential performance but there is no clear way for application software to harness this. At Edinburgh we are investigating novel techniques to probabilistic parallelism discovery and statistical optimisation of software to bridge this gap. Working with ARM, to investigate new ways of delivering energy-efficient large scale parallelism is a unique opportunity for us with truly massive potential."

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