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Compilers & Architecture Design Group

Introduction to the CARD Group within ICSA

The Compiler & Architecture Design Group was founded by Prof. Nigel Topham and Prof. Mike O’Boyle in 1997. CARD is currently the largest UK group of compiler researchers comprising of:

  • 2 Academic members of staff 
  • 3 Research Assistants
  •  8 PhD students 
The group are interested in how compiler and architecture technology can lead to better performance in parallel, high-performance, and application-specific computer systems. 


The group focus on developing theory and optimisation techniques for both compilers and architecture, and  are especially interested in the interaction between the two. 

There is on-going work in the development of auto-parallelising compilers and program transformation theory for high performance and embedded systems. Iterative, feedback directed compilation is another current research area where the group investigate different optimisation spaces and search strategies. The CARD group are also currently investigating hardware and software issues in speculative parallelisation for both small and large scale multiprocessors.

To visit the group's website, please click here:

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