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Event ICSA Colloquium - Zheng (Eddy) Zhang - Assistant Professor Department of Computer Science at Rutgers University
Zheng (Eddy) Zhang is an assistant professor in the Department of Computer Science at Rutgers University.
Event ICSA / Networks group seminar with Marco Fiore (CNR, Italy)
Event ICSA Colloquium - Dr. Mahdi Jelodari (University of Manchester)
Event NetSys Seminars - TBC
Speaker: Yota Katsikouli
Event NetSys Seminars - ASPIS: A Holistic and Practical Mechanism for Efficient MTC Support over Mobile Networks
Speaker: Galini Tsoukaneri
Event NetSys Seminars - Orion: RAN Slicing for a Flexible and Cost-Effective Multi-Service Mobile Network Architecture
Speaker: Xenofon Foukas
Event ICSA Seminar talk by Prof Alberto Bardisa, University of Murcia, Spain
Title: Non-Speculative Load-Load Reordering in TSO
Event Experimental QoE evaluation of multicast video delivery over IEEE 802.11aa WLANs
SPEAKER: Prof. Pablo Serrano (UC3M, Spain)
Event CANCELLED!! Labeled Computer Architecture: A New Perspective on Software Defined Computer Architecture
SPEAKER: Prof. Yungang Bao (ICT, Chinese Academy of Sciences)
Event Toward a more Tactful Networking
The urbanization worldwide is bringing a variety of challenges to any city and in particular, to the telecommunications networks. In order to manage the ...