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Joining SLMC

Postdoctoral Positions (RAs)

None as of now.

PhD Studentships

  • We are looking for outstanding PhD applicants with matching research interests who are either self funded or have procured funding from research councils. ** Look for scholarship opportunities/information below **
    Outstanding PhD applicants may apply through the regular university channels and specify interest in working with us (SLMC lab: IPAB group). See funding opportunities.
  • Students interested in computational neuroscience and (even-vaguely) biologically relevant computational projects with us are directed to the Neuroinformatics Doctoral Training (DTC) Program at the University of Edinburgh for possibility of funding. (Please send me your background/CV and proposal within the framework of the DTC agenda and if appropriate, I will be happy to write a support letter -- you still need to get admitted through the regular channel).

Essential Background

To work in our group, you are expected to have the following background:
  • Strong preparation in continuous mathematics: linear algebra, calculus, optimization in continuous spaces
  • Strong preparation in statistics, machine learning: probability theory, modern statistical regression techniques
  • Strong programming background and experience in MATLAB and C/C++ and/or JAVA etc.
  • Exposure to robotics and adaptive control research desirable.

Scholarships/Student Grants

More Information on postgraduate funding opportunities and application procedure can be found here.
Admission is dependent on your previous track record and research potential. Funding is contingent upon our grants situation, your qualification and university level grant availability. So, apply early.

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