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Ian Saunders

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I am a PhD student with Dr. Sethu Vijayakumar since November. 2007. My background includes Computer Science (BA Hons. Computer Science, University of Cambridge, 2006) and Neuroscience (MSc Neuroinformatics, University of Edinburgh, 2007) I'm funded by the Edinburgh Neuroinformatics Doctoral Training Centre.

My current project aims to investigate the nature of tactile and proprioceptive feedback from the hand, for performing tasks such as object identification and object manipulation. This is being done in collaboration with Touch Bionics, using their i-Limb, an EMG-controlled prosthetic hand. By closing the control loop with tactile and proprioceptive feedback the artificial limb will show improved control and increased acceptance by the amputee. Furthermore this system is highly manipluable, answering important neuroscience questions about the role of haptic information in tasks such as object identification and object manipulation.



IPAB, School of Informatics, University of Edinburgh
Informatics Forum, 1.38
10 Crichton Street
Edinburgh EH8 9AB

Email:i.saunders [@]
Tel: +44 (131) 651 3591

Previous Projects

  • Role of CA1 and CA3 in episodic-like memory in rat: Using lesioned rats I was able to elucidate the role of hippocampal subunits in forming spatiotemporal memories. CA3 was responsible for the spatial component and CA1 for the temporal component of episodic-like memory formation.
  • Image Fusion: Digital camera software was developed to fuse a flash photograph with a non-flash photograph taken in rapid succession. An efficient algorithm was developed that would pick the most 'visually appealing' components from the two images and combine them, eliminating the glare and false-colour created by the flash but preserving its fine detail and textural aspects.


  • Langston, R.F., Stevenson, C.H., Wilson, C.L., Saunders, I. & Wood, E.R. (2010). The role of the CA1 and CA3 hippocampal subregions in memory for objects, places and contexts in the rat. Behav Brain Res . [pdf]
  • Stephen Brooks; Ian Saunders; Neil A. Dodgson Image compression using sparse colour sampling combined with nonlinear image processing. Proceedings of SPIE Vol. 6492, IS&T/SPIE Conference on Human Vision and Electronic Imaging XII (2007) [pdf]


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