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Yiming Yang

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I have joined IPAB since Oct 2013 and now a postdoc research associate in the SLMC group. I obtained my B.Sc in Electronic Engineering from the joint program between Nanjing University of Technology (Nanjing, China) and the Institute of Technology Tallaght (Dublin, Ireland) in 2011 and my M.Sc in Artificial Intelligence at University of Edinburgh (Edinburgh, UK) in 2012.

I am currently working on humanoid robot full-body motion synthesis, especially fast motion planning and real-time motion adaptation techniques in complex and dynamically changing environments. The project is supervised by Prof. Sethu Vijayakumar.








School of Informatics, University of Edinburgh
Informatics Forum, 1.25
10 Crichton Street
Edinburgh EH8 9AB



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  • Yiming Yang, Wolfgang Merkt, Henrique Ferrolho, Vladimir Ivan, and Sethu Vijayakumar. Efficient Humanoid Motion Planning on Uneven Terrain Using Paired Forward-Inverse Dynamic Reachability Maps. In IEEE Robotics and Automation Letter (RA-L), 2017
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  • Yiming Yang, Vladimir Ivan, Zhibin Li, Maurice Fallon, Sethu Vijayakumar, iDRM: Humanoid Motion Planning with Real-Time End-Pose Selection in Complex Environments, IEEE Humanoids, 2016
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  • Orthey, Andreas, Vladimir Ivan, Maximilien Naveau, Yiming Yang, Olivier Stasse, and Sethu Vijayakumar. "Homotopic particle motion planning for humanoid robotics.". 2015
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