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LWPR version history

LWPR library  
(C) 2007-2009 Stefan Klanke and Sethu Vijayakumar

Version 1.2.3
* Corrected bugs in the Python module (missing Py_DECREF
   in functions returning multiple numpy arrays that led
   to a memory leak, as well as bad preprocessor directive
   "USE_EXPAT" instead of "HAVE_LIBEXPAT")
   Thanks to Benjamin Dittes

* Corrected bad preprocessor directive (see above) in
   C++ wrapper lwpr.hh. Also added casts between signed 
   and unsigned integers in lwpr.hh and
   Thanks to Peter Pastor, Robert Nickl and Adrian Haith

Version 1.2.2
* Corrected bugs in the Python module (for accessing the
   "n_pruned" and "num_rfs" members)
   Thanks to Arjan Gijsberts
* Fixed a missing matrix transpose in the visualisation
   part of "test_lwpr_nD.m"

Version 1.2.1
* Fixed two missing #includes in C++ wrapper and example
   that resulted in problems with GCC >= 4.3
   Thanks to Dan Grollman

Version 1.2
* Added lwpr_predict_JcJ, which calculates predictions,
   confidences, and the Jacobians for both

Version 1.1
* Added support for autotools
   On Linux/Unix, use  configure, make, make install
   to build and install shared and static libraries

* Fixed bug in XML and binary I/O routines: 
   flag update_D was not included

* Fixed bug for reading XML files: 
   SubModel counter was not properly increased

* Added project files for Visual Studio 2008 
   (only tested with Express version)

* Added simple Makefile for MinGW compiler 

* Introduced "BINIO version" information in binary files 
   (breaks compatibility with V1.0)

Version 1.0
* First public release, initial submission to JMLR
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