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Running JCT experiments

Page JCT software user documentation
Instructions for using the JCT software for running experiments, including descriptions of input and output file formats
Page Specification of the experimental conditions for each trial
The experimental conditions for each trial are defined in the conditions.csv file, the format of which is explained here
Page GDF format
Specification of the GDF format and a sample GDF file
Page Converting the raw JCT output files to GDF format
The JASTAnalyser tool takes the two ASCII output files produced by the JCT software for the two participants, and outputs a GDF format file suitable for our analyses
Page Accessibility scale
Definition of the JAST Edinburgh Accessibility Scale for Referring Expressions
Folder Experimental guidelines
A collection of notes about detailed setup of the software, guidelines for transcribing the results, etc
File JASTModelBuilder documentation
The readme file for the JASTModelBuilder tool
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