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Page JCT Software and Tools downloads
Links to downloadable packages containing the source code for the JCT experimental platform and various analysis tools
Image Tangram picture
A picture of an example tangram puzzle used in the JCT experiments
Image Picture of NXT interface to JAST corpus
An screenshot of an example of JAST corpus data being replayed in NXT
Image Photo of eyetracker lab
Photograph of eyetracker and PC setup in the lab
Image Schematic of dual eyetracker setup
Image showing setup of dual eyetrackers
Page Dyad numbering
Details of the mapping between the original dyad numbering scheme used in each experiment and the final 32 dyad used in the analyses
Page JAST Eyetracker Data
Page Converting the raw JCT output files to GDF format
The JASTAnalyser tool takes the two ASCII output files produced by the JCT software for the two participants, and outputs a GDF format file suitable for our ...
Page Generating NXT format
The gdf2nxt tool converts JCT's GDF format into the format used by the NITE XML Toolkit (NXT), which can be used for further analysis
Folder Guides for software developers
Technical details of the JCT software and tools, and guides on how to modify/extend them
Folder Analysing annotations
Folder Running JCT experiments
Folder Adding annotations
Folder Lag analysis
Folder Experimental guidelines
A collection of notes about detailed setup of the software, guidelines for transcribing the results, etc
Folder Tools for converting JCT Software output for further analysis
A description of the various tools developed for converting the GDF format produced by the JCT software into a variety of other formats
Page Introduction
An overview of the various eyetracker experiments conducted at Edinburgh University during the JAST project
File JASTModelBuilder documentation
The readme file for the JASTModelBuilder tool
Page Accessibility scale
Definition of the JAST Edinburgh Accessibility Scale for Referring Expressions
Page JAST NXT sample queries
Examples of using the FunctionQuery tool to query JAST NXT data
Folder JAST NXT metadata structure
Information on the NXT metadata format for each of the experiments
Page JCT software user documentation
Instructions for using the JCT software for running experiments, including descriptions of input and output file formats
Page GDF format
Specification of the GDF format and a sample GDF file
Page JCT software developer documentation
Instructions on how to extend various components within the JAST JCT software
Page JCT software system documentation
A system-level overview of the JCT software, aimed at those thinking of modifying or extending the software
Page Video settings
Details of settings used for the various video recording tools
Page JCTe2 NXT metadata structure
NXT metadata structure used for JCT experiment 2
Page JCTe1 NXT metadata structure
NXT metadata structure used for JCT experiment 1
Page FunctionQuery usage
Provides time ordered, tab-delimited output, with aggregate functions
Page Eye-eye lag analysis
Instructions for using the JAST software tools for performing eye-eye lag analysis