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On Determinacy and Nondeterminacy in Concurrent Programming

Uwe Nestmann (University of Erlangen, Germany) LFCS Theory Seminar Room 2511, JCMB, King's Buildings 4pm, Tuesday 26th November 1996

Motivated by the design and implementation of the high-level concurrent programming language Pict, based on the asynchronous pi-calculus, we address the question of how to deal with determinate and nondeterminate program behaviors within that setting.

In the talk, I will report on two respective investigations: First, I will present an anlysis of the correctness of implementations of choice operators, which are used to program nondeterminate behaviors. Second, I will introduce a static typing system for detecting determinate (esp. confluent) behaviors, and also show how to deal with mobility in the form of name-passing. Both investigations contribute to more efficient implementations of message-passing programs, as demonstrated within Pict.

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