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Computing Symbolic Models for Verifying Cryptographic Protocols

Marcelo Fiore Cambridge Computing Laboratory 4pm, Thursday 15 February 2001 Room 2511, JCMB, King's Buildings


We consider the problem of automatically verifying infinite-state cryptographic protocols. Specifically, we present an algorithm that given a finite process describing a protocol in a hostile environment (trying to force the system into a ``bad'' state) computes a model of traces on which security properties can be checked. Because of unbounded inputs from the environment, even finite processes have an infinite set of traces; the main focus of our approach is the reduction of this infinite set to a finite set by a symbolic analysis of the knowledge of the environment. Our algorithm is sound (and we conjecture complete) for protocols with shared-key encryption/decryption that use arbitrary messages as keys; further it is complete in the common and important case in which the cryptographic keys are messages of bounded size.


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