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Deciding LTL over Mazurkiewicz Traces

Martin Leucker RWTH Aachen 4pm Tuesday 21 August 2001 Room 2511, JCMB, King's Buildings

Linear time temporal logic (LTL) has become a well established tool for specifying the dynamic behaviour of reactive systems with an interleaving semantics, and the automata-theoretic approach has proven to be a very useful mechanism for performing automatic verification in this setting. Especially alternating automata turned out to be a powerful tool in constructing efficient yet simple to understand decision procedures and directly yield further on-the-fly model checking procedures. In this talk we exhibit a decision procedure for LTL over Mazurkiewicz traces which generalises the classical automata-theoretic approach to a linear time temporal logic interpreted no longer over sequences but certain partial orders. Specifically, we construct a (linear) alternating Büchi automaton accepting the set of linearisations of traces satisfying the formula at hand. The salient point of our technique is to apply a notion of independence-rewriting to formulas of the logic. Furthermore, we show that the class of linear and trace-consistent alternating Büchi automata corresponds exactly to LTL formulas over Mazurkiewicz traces, lifting a similar result by Löding and Thomas formulated in the framework of LTL over words.

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