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Secure Systems Design with UML

Jan Jürjens University of Oxford 4pm Tuesday 26 June 2001 Room 2511, JCMB, King's Buildings

Designing security-critical systems correctly is very difficult. Many published designs of system components (such as security protocols) have been found to contain flaws (often years later).

We propose to use a fragment of UML together with a formal semantics to specify security-critical systems precisely and to evaluate the specification wrt security requirements.

Benefits of the approach include: - security requirements or assumptions on system components can be expressed conveniently using the UML extension mechanisms - through its different kinds of diagrams UML offers views on different security-relevant aspects of the system (e.g. physical layer, security management) - UML is more widely used by developers than "traditional" formal specification languages.

In this talk I give an overview of the work along these lines presented at FASE'01, IFIP SEC'01, IWSecP'01 and VIS'01.

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