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Bigraphs as a categorical abstract machine

Robin Milner University of Cambridge, Emeritus 4pm Thursday 7th February 2008 Room 2511, JCMB, King's Buildings Note nonstandard day

Bigraphs are a form of graph in which two elements - placing and linking - coexist independently.

In the first strand of my talk I shall show how the bigraph model arises from the independence of placing and linking in graphs-with-locality. This leads to their presentation as a strict symmetric monoisal category, and provides an introduction for people new to the model. A link with the second strand is that parallel composition, basic for process calculi, is a derived operation in bigraphs.

My draft book covers much of this work:

The second strand continues the work of expressing process calculi in bigraphs. This has been done for CCS, pi calculus, mobile ambients and Petri nets, and some unifying theory emerges. Hitherto it seemed hard to do Hoare's CSP in bigraphs, because of the way in which CSP processes own channels. Now I think it comes out elegantly, and will explain how (work in progress).

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