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The metarouting project

Tim Griffin University of Cambridge 4pm Tuesday 4th March 2008 Room 2511, JCMB, King's Buildings

The metarouting project is developing a system for the declarative specification of Internet routing protocols. A metalanguage is used to specify "routing algebras" - structures related to semi-rings. Algebraic properties, such as monotonicity, are automatically inferred from metalanguage specifications. Code is generated and linked with algorithms selected from our library, which includes generalized versions of standard Internet routing protocols that we have extracted from the Quagga code base. The inferred properties are used to ensure that only a correct matching of an algebra and an algorithm can take place.

I'll overview some of the theory involved and sketch out some interesting open problems. I'll explain the current system architecture and present a few examples of protocol specification. No previous knowledge of Internet routing will be assumed.

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