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Egor Kostylev - Lab lunch 2011

Database annotations:

Annotation is some form of data that is added to an existing database.
It could be additional data that for whatever reason
cannot be stored in the original database, or it could be some form of
metadata such as comments, probabilities, timestamps that are not
normally regarded part of the basic database and its applications.  It
has recently been observed that, in order to determine how annotations
should be propagated through database queries, we need to have some
structure on them. Although various forms of annotation have been
considered in some detail, each form has been considered in isolation.

The reasonable question arise what happens when different forms of
annotation are combined.  There are many cases in which
annotations, for quite natural reasons, depend on one another.  What
is the appropriate structure to place on such annotations?  We provide
a method for combining different forms and provide a
normal form which is useful in deciding whether two or more combined
annotations are equivalent.

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