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Lab Lunch by Shayan Najd

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Everything old is new again: Quoted Domain Specific Languages

  • Lab Lunch
When Mar 24, 2015
from 01:00 PM to 02:00 PM
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I will talk about a recent joint work with Josef Svenningsson of Chalmers 

University, Sam Lindley and Philip Wadler of University of Edinburgh.

We describe a new approach to domain specific languages (DSLs),

called Quoted DSLs (QDSLs), that resurrects two old ideas: quo-

tation, from McCarthy’s Lisp of 1960, and the subformula prop-

erty, from Gentzen’s natural deduction of 1935. Quoted terms allow

the DSL to share the syntax and type system of the host language.

Normalising quoted terms ensures the subformula property, which

guarantees that one can use higher-order types in the source while

guaranteeing first-order types in the target, and enables using types

to guide fusion. We test our ideas by re-implementing Feldspar,

which was originally implemented as an Embedded DSL (EDSL),

as a QDSL; and we compare the QDSL and EDSL variants.

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