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Lab Lunch by Andy Gordon

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Prof. Andy Gordon will talk about indexed models for classifiers and clustering in Tabular.

  • Lab Lunch
When May 20, 2014
from 01:00 PM to 02:00 PM
Where MF2, 4.40
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Speaker: Andy Gordon


Title: Indexed Models for Classifiers and Clustering in Tabular

 Tabular is a new probabilistic programming language, based on probabilistic annotations on relational schemas.

A distinctive language feature is Tabular’s syntax for indexed models, which allows for the succinct statement of

naïve Bayes classifiers or of mixture models for clustering, for example. Indexed models are a natural operation

on probabilistic models that consist of a prior distribution over parameters coupled with a sampling distribution

that produces outputs from inputs given the parameter; that is, on models that consist of a prior plus a likelihood.

I would be grateful for any feedback on whether the construction is more general.


Biscuits and company will be provided as usual.

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