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Lab Lunch by Perdita Stevens

Beating or, Lecturer Efficiency: automating feedback and tracking or, Writing perl is a lot more fun than marking

When Mar 11, 2014
from 01:20 PM to 01:20 PM
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I've always been interested in the tension between "this is a routine task, automate it" and "but in practice, automation takes more effort than you think and never quite automates the whole task". Randall Munroe is clearly also interested in such issues, as demonstrated in, and probably others I'm forgetting. Teaching Inf1OP recently, with over 200 students, has been a good playground for exploring these tensions, because the scale makes it more reasonable - necessary, even - to automate course-specific things than it usually is. I'll talk about what I've done, why, how, how it's been received, what's gone right and what hasn't. If it turns into more of a discussion than a talk, that's fine by me!

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