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Lab lunch speakers 2010

Page Tony Tan
Page Brian Campbell
Page Jeff Egger
Page Gavin Keighren
Page Mary Cryan
Page Allan Clarke
Page John Longley
Page Randy Pollack
Page Mike Just
Page Kenneth MacKenzie
Page James Cheney
Page Heiko Mueller
Page Stephen Gilmore
Page Alex Simpson
Page Richard Mayr
Page Perdita Stevens and Alistair Scobie
Page Ohad Kammer
Page Vaclav Brozek
Page Andrzej Tarlecki
Page Yinghui Wu
Page Robert Atkey
Page Grant Passmore
Page Matteo Mio
Page Lucas Dixon
Page Alan Smaill
Page Julian Bradfield
The Standard Model in a nut(of the sea)* shell
Page Jane Hillston
0.05 makes a crowd!
Page William Stirton
Some facts about polymorphically typed combinatory logic
Page Colin Stirling
Application of automata and games to systems with binding
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