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Lab Lunch Talk by Matteo Cavaliere

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The Rise and Fall of Cooperative Communities (and why Prosperity may be Associated with Instability)

  • Lab Lunch
When Nov 04, 2014
from 01:00 PM to 02:00 PM
Where MF2
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Social, biological and economic networks grow and decline with recurrent

fragmentation and re-formation, often explained in terms of external perturbations.

I will discuss a computational model of dynamical networks and evolutionary game theory

that explains these phenomena as consequence of imitation and

endogenous conflicts between "cooperators" and "cheaters".

Cooperators promote well-connected prosperous (but fragile)

networks and cheaters cause the networks to fragment and lose their prosperity.

A fragmented network can be reconstructed by a new invasion of cooperators,

leading to recurrent cycles of formation and fragmentation observed, for instance, in bacterial communities and socio-economic networks.




M. Cavaliere, S. Sedwards, C.E. Tarnita, M.A. Nowak, A. Csikasz-Nagy.

Prosperity is Associated with Instability in Dynamical Networks.


Journal of Theoretical Biology, 299, 2012.

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