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Lab Lunch Talks 2014

Talks are on Tuesdays, starting at 1:00pm, in The Informatics Forum, Room MF2 4.40 (Mini-Forum 2, Level 4).

Lab Lunch Talks 2013

Current Organiser: Joseph Hallett - email


Room changes for 2014 Lab Lunch Talks:

  • 4th of March 2014 - IF2.33

14/01/2014 James Cheney  Inside the sausage factory, or: what it's like to be on a standards committee
21/01/2014 Stuart Anderson  Balancing foundational and translational research in School of Informatics
28/01/2014 Alex Simpson  Fuzzy logic for parallel probabilistic systems
04/02/2014 Paul Jackson  Finding bugs in axioms used in formal software verification
11/02/2014 Roly Perera
18/02/2014 Don Sannella  Marketing LFCS
25/02/2014 Tamise Totterdell  Edinburgh Research Explorer, PURE and Research Data Management
04/03/2014 Rik Sarkar  Small sets from big data: Identifying representative elements through optimization and filtration
11/03/2014 Perdita Stevens  Beating or, Lecturer Efficiency: automating feedback and tracking or, Writing perl is a lot more fun than marking
18/03/2014 Wenfei Fan
 Querying Big Graphs: Theory and Practice
25/03/2014 Ilias Diakonikolas  A Complexity-Theoretic View on Unsupervised Learning
01/04/2014 Kyiriakos Kalorkoti  A Literary Detective Story
08/04/2014 John Longley  Canceled
15/04/2014 Myrto Arapinis
22/04/2014 no Lab Lunch  
29/04/2014 Phil Wadler Scottish Independence, by the numbers 
06/05/2014 Jane Hillston What is the role of the LFCS in 21st Century? 
13/05/2014 Faron Moller Technocamps 
20/05/2014 Andy Gordon Indexed Models for Classifiers and Clustering in Tabular
27/05/2014 Craig Innes Programming as an interactive experience
03/06/2014 Fabian Nagel Code generation for efficient query processing in managed runtimes
10/06/2014 Elham Kashefi Quantum-enhanced Secure Delegated Classical Computing
17/06/2014 Andrea Weisse  A model of cellular growth
Howard Lin  Applying Research Ethical Approval and R&D from NHS for researchers in Informatics without permanent UK residency: Problems and Solutions
Stratis Viglas Nominations for Milner Lecturers


no lab lunch
no lab lunch
Leonid Libkin
 Deux ou trois choses que je sais ...
Andrew Sogokon
 Invariant generation for continuous systems by discrete abstraction
no lab lunch
Lightning Talks
Ricardo Honorato
Daniel Franzen
Nassim Seghir  Verification and Certification of Android Apps
Matteo Cavaliere 

The Rise and Fall of Cooperative Communities (and why Prosperity may be Associated with Instability)

Anastasis Georgoulas
Machine Learning for Formal Dynamic Systems
Stratis Viglas 
Write-limited sorts and joins for persistent memory
Andreas Chatzistergiou
Fast Heuristics for Near-Optimal Task Allocation in Data Stream Processing over Clusters
Garrett Morris
Touching on Session Types
Theodoros Kapourniotis
Quantum Authentication and Verification
Stephen Gilmore
 LFCS Christmas Quiz

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