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Lab Lunch Talks Archive

Lab Lunch 2011

Colin Stirling
Application of automata and games to systems with binding
25/01/11 Gordon Plotkin Multi-Level Modelling via Stochastic Multi-Level Multiset Rewriting
Ian Stark Webquines, The Collatz Graph, and a Weightless Website
Philip Scott
Traced categories:  algebraic structure of feedback and partial feedback in networks
15/02/11 Richard Mayr Solving PSPACE-complete problems in automata theory
22/02/11 No Speaker
01/03/11 Floris Geerts Logic and Cut & Paste
08/03/11 Robert Rothenberg
Modality for Free
15/03/11 Cancelled due to SPLS seminar

Matteo Mio
The probabilistic modal mu-calculus with independent product
29/03/11 Vincent Danos Energy as Syntax
05/04/11 Mary Cryan
A story of derandomization
12/04/11 Kousha Etessami  Auctions, Mechanism Design, Market Equilibria, and Algorithms
19/04/11 No Speaker

26/04/11 Leonid Libkin
David Aspinall Querying Hiproofs
Elham Kashefi Experimental Blind Quantum Computing
Andrew Black
Safe Shared memory concurrency: desirable? possible? painful?
24/05/11 No Lab Lunch

No Lab Lunch

07/06/11 Vaclav Brozek Optimizing Multiple Mean Payoff Objectives in Markov Decision Processes
14/06/11 No Speaker

21/06/11 Perdita Stevens Modelling and usability
28/06/11 John Longley Large cardinal axioms and the limit of reflection principles
05/07/11 No Speaker
12/07/11 Andy Gordon
Experience with verifying cryptographic software in C
19/07/11 Alan Smaill Computing pi the slow way
26/07/11 Stuart Anderson

Yinghui Wu
09/08/11 Nan Tang Interaction between Record Matching and Data Repairing
23/08/2011 Hugh Leather CompuCast
30/08/2011 Maria Luisa Guerriero
06/09/2011 Brian Campbell
13/09/2011 Nicolas Oury
20/09/2011 Ohad Kammar
27/09/2011 James Cheney
04/10/2011 Andras Salamon
11/10/2011 Stuart Anderson
18/10/2011 No Speaker
25/10/2011 Nargess Ghahremani-Azghand Bypassing the implementations of "codes of modesty" in Iranian post-revolutionary cinema
01/11/2011 Johannes Borgström Psi-calculi: mobile processes from nominal data and logic
08/11/2011 Egor Kostylev Database Annotations
15/11/2011 Alex Simpson Arithmetic with random real numbers
22/11/2011 Luca Bortolussi Can fluid ants eat solid food?
29/11/2011 Sam Lindley Row-based effect types for database integration
06/12/2011 Kyriakos Kalorkoti Printing with Platinum and Palladium
13/12/2011 Jane Hillston The LFCS End-of-Year Quiz
20/12/2011 Maria Grazia Vigliotti Product-form solutions
27/12/2011 University closed



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