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Lab Lunch Talks 2011-2012

Talks are on Tuesdays, starting at 1:00pm, in The Informatics Forum, Room MF2 4.40 (Mini-Forum 2, Level 4).

Lab Lunch 2011: Here

Current Organizer: Fabian Nagel  (

10/01/2012 Conor McBride Dependent Types and Algebraic Effects
17/01/2012 No Speaker
24/01/2012 Colin Adams Commercialisation and Impact
31/01/2012 Angela Noble & Gordon Marshall Upcoming EU Funding Opportunities
07/02/2012 No Speaker
14/02/2012 Dimitrios Milios Compositional Approximation of Markov Chains
21/02/2012 Michael Fourman
28/02/2012 Tony Tan Encoding CFGs with linear equations
 06/03/2012 Maurice Jansen Circuit Lower Bounds, Meta-Algorithms and Algebraic Computation
 13/03/2012 Stephen Gilmore
An introduction to the Research Excellence Framework (REF)
 20/03/2012 Diego Figueira
Factorisation forests for strings
 27/03/2012 Karoliina Lehtinen Graph isomorphism: an excellent question
 03/04/2012 Phil Wadler
Conference Reviewing Considered Harmful
No Speaker

 17/04/2012  No Lab Lunch
Due to coincidence with Milner Symposium
 24/04/2012  Grant Passmore
 01/05/2012  Vijay Nagarajan Towards Semantics-directed Hardware Memory Consistency
 08/05/2012  Leonid Libkin Atacama desert and incomplete information
 15/05/2012 Murray Cole Why Parallel Programming is Hard, and What We Should Do About It
No Lab Lunch Due to Victoria weekend holiday
 29/05/2012  Richard Mayr Richard Mayr: Genetic Testing: What can you learn from it?
 05/06/2012  No Lab Lunch Due to Queen's Jubilee holiday
 Rahul Santhanam The Case of the New Menard
 Guido Sanguinetti Machine learning for continuous time Markov chains
 Laura Meagher
Impact Evaluation: Making Knowledge Exchange Visible
 03/07/2012  Julian Bradfield Escaping euro-theory to be caught by phonology
 10/07/2012 Amelie Gheerbrant Green Smoothie Tasting and Logics on Trees
 17/07/2012  No Speaker
 (moved to G003)
 24/07/2012  Ian Stark
CerCo: Certified Complexity
 31/07/2012  Stratis Viglas
Solid-state and asymmetric I/O
 07/08/2012  Don Sannella Contemplate: LFCS -> Wall Street
 14/08/2012  David Aspinall Give Me Letters 2, 3 and 6!
 21/08/2012  Kousha Etessami On the complexity of comparing succinctly represented numbers
 28/08/2012  No Speaker
(moved to MF1)
 04/09/2012  Kyriakos Kalorkoti
The Higman Embedding Theorem
 11/09/2012  Subramanian Ramamoorthy (moved to G.03) In Search of Structure
 18/09/2012  Paul Jackson Better real arithmetic provers for hybrid systems verification
 25/09/2012  Andy Gordon (moved to G.03) Probabilistic Functional Programming as a Platform for Machine Learning
 02/10/2012  Mary Cryan
The number of Acyclic Orientations
 09/10/2012  Jane Hillston Athena SWAN: why it matters to you!
 16/10/2012  John Longley Automarker Theory
 23/10/2012  Perdita Stevens Musings and rants on modern educational trends
 30/10/2012  James Cheney How not to prove termination
 06/11/2012  Elham Kashefi The experimental verification of a quantum computer (still with 4 qubits)
 13/11/2012  Allan Clark  The economics of well-being
 20/11/2012  Rik Sarkar  Ricci Flow in Sensor Networks - Applications in Routing and Distributed Storage
 27/11/2012  Alex Simpson  T with Turing and Euclid
 04/12/2012  Ilias Diakonikolas  Inverse Problems for Power Indices in Weighted Voting Games
 11/12/2012  Fabian Nagel  Recycling in Pipelined Query Evaluation
 18/12/2012  LFCS Christmas Quiz  The LFCS End-of-Year Quiz (Register a Team)




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