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Two results on bisimulation

Sibylle Fröschle University of Warsaw 4pm Thursday 18th August 2005 Room 2511, JCMB, King's Buildings

Decomposition and Complexity of Hereditary History Preserving Bisimulation on BPP

We propose a polynomial-time decision procedure for hereditary history preserving bisimilarity (hhp-b) on Basic Parallel Processes (BPP). Furthermore, we give a sound and complete equational axiomatization for the equivalence. Both results are derived from a decomposition property of hhp-b, which is the main technical contribution of the paper. Altogether, our results complement previous work on complexity and decomposition of classical and history-preserving bisimilarity on BPP.

Joint work with Sławomir Lasota.

Causality Versus True-Concurrency

Category theory has been successfully employed to structure the confusing setup of models and equivalences for concurrency: Winskel and Nielsen have related the standard models via adjunctions and (co)reflections while Joyal et al. have defined an abstract notion of equivalence, known as open map bisimilarity. One model has not been integrated into this framework: the causal trees of Darondeau and Degano. Here we fill this gap. In particular, we show that there is an adjunction from causal trees to event structures, which we bring to light via a mediating model, that of event trees. Further, we achieve an open map characterization of history preserving bisimilarity: the latter is captured by the natural instantiation of the abstract bisimilarity for causal trees.

Joint work with Sławomir Lasota.

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