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Theory Seminar Archive 1997

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Date Speaker Title
January Prakash Panangaden Proof Nets as Formal Feynman Diagrams

Roope Kaivola From Automata to Fixpoint Logics and Back
March Zhaohui Luo Coercive subtyping and its applications
April Joost-Pieter Katoen The Bounded Retransmission Protocol Must be on Time!

Arnon Avron Multiplicative Conjunction, Contraction and Weakening

David Schmidt Using Model Checking to Understand the Relationship between Abstract Interpretation and Data Flow Analysis
May Jon G. Riecke A Relational Account of Call-by-Value Sequentiality
June Peter Selinger First-order Axioms for Asynchrony

Daniele Turi Well-Behaved Operational Rules are Natural

Peter O'Hearn Affine/Intuitionistic Typing for Idealized Algol
July Anton Setzer Universes in Type Theory
September Peter Sewell Global/Local Subtyping for a Distributed pi-calculus
October Neil Ghani Conditional Term Rewriting Systems Via Enriched Monads

A.D. Gordon A Calculus of Mobile Ambients

Healf Goguen Typed Operational Semantics Revisited

Gian Luca Cattani Presheaf Models over Recursively Defined Path Categories
November Ralph Loader Elementary Proofs of Adequacy

Masahiko Sato Classical Brouwer-Heyting-Kolmogorov interpretation

Guy McCusker Games, factorizations, definability and ML-style references

Adriana Compagnoni Typed Operational Semantics for Higher Order Subtyping

Martin Wirsing From sequential to multi-threaded Java: An event-based operational semantics

Robin Cockett Linear Bicategories
December Fritz Henglein Operational interpretation of recursive subtyping
Ian Stark

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