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Theory Seminar Archive 1998

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Date Speaker Title
January Andrew Pitts Parametric polymorphism and operational equivalence

Sven Skyum Searching constant width mazes captures the AC0 hierarchy

Guy Cousineau Functional Programming and Geometry

Rob van Glabbeek Unique Fixed Points for Unguarded Recursion
February Dusko Pavlovic Guarded Induction on Final Coalgebras

Michael Marz A Fully Abstract Model for Sequential Computation

Gavin Bierman A Computational Interpretation of the lambda-mu-calculus

Susumu Nishimura Static Typing for Dynamic Messages
March Anthony McIsaac Model Checking, Abstraction and Proof in a Microprocessor Design Project

Alexey Chervonenkis On Some Properties of Infinite VC-Dimension Systems with Nonzero Entropy per Symbol

Sergei Soloviev An Outline of the Proof Theory of Coercive Subtyping

Sara Kalvala Verification using Linear Logic
April Maribel Fernández Coinductive Techniques for Operational Equivalence of Interaction Nets

Amir Pneuli Verifying Out-of-Order Executions
May Roger Hindley Curry's Last Problem: Imitating Lambda-Beta Reduction in Combinatory Logic

Luca Cardelli Abstractions for Mobile Computation

Franco Barbanera Programming with Proofs: Classical Logic and the Symmetric Lambda Calculus
June Mark Shields and
Simon Peyton Jones
Bridging the gulf again: a monadic intermediate language for ML and Haskell

Marina Lenisa Final Semantics

Eike Ritter Linear Abstract Machines with the Single-Pointer Property

Peter Selinger Control Categories and Duality

Masahiko Sato Explicit Environments
July Sam Steel Processes, traces, histories and mental actions
August Tobias Nipkow Java-Light is Type Safe --- Definitely

Peter Sewell From Rewrite Rules to Bisimulation Congruences

Thorsten Altenkirch Normalisation by Completeness
September Mike Shields Automata For Concurrency
October Michael Rathjen Constructive set and type theories
November N. G. deBruijn Type-Theoretical Checking and Philosophy of Mathematics

John Reynolds LNL as a Programming Language

Simon Gay Types and Subtypes for Client-Server Interactions

Marcelo Fiore A Semantic Theory of Higher-Order Syntax
December Paul Taylor An Abstract Stone Duality

Javier Esparza Verification of Broadcast Protocols

Roy Dyckhoff Provability and Proof Search in some Non-Classical Logics

Peter O'Hearn A Regions Interpretation of Bunched Implications
Ian Stark

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