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Theory Seminar Archive 1999

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Date Speaker Title
January Richard Mayr Lossy Counter Machines and their Applications
February Simon Peyton Jones A Semantics for Imprecise Exceptions

Dag Normann Computing Total, Computable Functionals

Peter Hines Symmetry and the Elementary Theory of Computing
March Michiel van Lambalgen Resource-Bounded Quantification, or, Poor Man's Probability

René Vestergaard Purely Syntactic Normalization by Evaluation

Peter Potts Exact Real Arithmetic using Möbius Transformations
April Joe Wells Type Inference for Intersection Types with Expansion Variables
May Julian Rathke Towards a theory of bisimulation for local names

Simone Martini On the complexity of (optimal) reduction: sublinear logics and lambda-calculus

Michal Konecny Real functions finitely computable using affine-like incremental representations
June Radha Jagadeesan Continuous Markov processes - approximations and metrics

Marta Kwiatkowska Automatic verification of probabilistic real-time systems

Luca Cardelli Modal logics for mobile ambients
July Andrej Bauer A version of effective topology

Peter Milne Algebras of intervals and a logic of conditional assertions

Alexandre Zamulin Object-oriented specification by typed Gurevich machines

Michael Huth System Description, Abstraction, and Verification: A Uniform Treatment of Quality and Quantity
August Mariangiola Dezani Objects dynamically changing class

Barry Jay Shape theory: FISh implementation

Arnon Avron Safety of formulas in query languages, in arithmetics, and in set theory
September Faron Moller On the expressive power of CTL*
October Marcelo Fiore Towards a theory of general processes
November Marco Bernardo A theory of efficiency for Markovian processes

Angus Macintyre Recent advances on o-minimality, and associated algorithmic problems
December James Harland Computational interpretations of resource-sensitive logics

Dan Roth Learning in Natural Language (joint ICCS/HCRC/IRR/LFCS seminar)
John Longley

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