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Theory Seminar Archive 2000

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Date Speaker Title
February Ulrich Berger Minimisation vs. recursion in higher types

Eric Vigoda Sampling colourings and the coupling technique
March Philippa Gardner A process calculus with explicit fusions

Marco Pedicini Geometry of Interaction and distributed implementation of functional programming languages

Randy Pollack Dependently typed records for representing mathematical structure

Healfdene Goguen Soundness of the logical framework for its typed operational semantics

Adriana Compagnoni Antisymmetry of higher-order subtyping
April Yorck Hünke Programming with dependent types

Samik Basu and Orson Ward Model checking the Java meta-locking algorithm

Rustan Leino Extended static checking for Java
May Stuart Kent Engineering UML
June Luca Cattani Models for name passing processes: interleaving and causal

Phil Scott Realizability models for BLL-like languages

Jamie Andrews Broad-spectrum studies of log file analysis
July Yoshiki Kinoshita Semantics of parameterised modules using sketches

Alan Sokal Potts models, chromatic polynomials and all that
August Tomasz Luczak 0-1 laws for random graphs

Conor McBride A case for dependent families
September Janos Makowsky A gentle introduction to the complexity of knots

Michael Newton Grammatical specification in ASL: Germanic dependent clause order
October Ursula Martin Termination, invariants, a topology on trees and applications

Jürgen Koslowski Poly-bicategories

Maarten de Rijke Balancing representation and inference

Alexander Bolotov Clausal resolution for linear-time temporal mu-calculus

Alexander Rabinovich An infinite hierarchy of temporal logics over branching time
November Javier Esparza Verification of broadcast protocols

Colin Stirling Focus Games

Henry Thompson The XML Schema type system, data binding and the future of the World Wide Web

Peter Harrison Reversed processes and product-forms in Markovian process algebra

Hideki Tsuiki The computational dimension of a topological space
December Kristina Vuskovic Perfect Graphs and the Decomposition Method

Leslie Ann Goldberg Contention Resolution in Multiple-Access Channels
Eric Vigoda

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