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Theory Seminar Archive 2002

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Date Time Room Speaker Title
  Friday 11th 12pm 2511 Victor Khomenko Canonical Prefixes of Petri Net Unfoldings
  Tuesday 15th 4pm 2511 Anuj Dawar Automaticity of Modal Logics with Fixed Points
  Tuesday 29th 4pm 2511 Philippa Gardner A Spatial Logic for Querying Graphs
  Thursday 31st 4pm 2511 Georg Gottlob Monadic Datalog and the Expressive Power of Languages for Web Information Extraction
  Tuesday 5th 4pm 2511 Colin Stirling Deciding DPDA equivalence is primitive recursive
  Tuesday 19th 4pm 2511 Bruce McAdam Repairing Type Errors in Functional Programs
  Thursday 21st 4pm 2511 Marek Karpinski Approximating Bounded Degree Instances of NP-Hard Optimization Problems
  Tuesday 26th 4pm 2511 Wenfei Fan Consistency of XML specifications with types and constraints
  Tuesday 26th 4pm 2511 Rod Downey Parameterized Complexity: Overview and Open Questions
  Tuesday 7th 4pm 2511 Iain Stewart Finite model theory, complexity theory and program schemes and
The MathFIT initiative
  Wednesday 15th 4pm 2509 Leslie Ann Goldberg Approximate counting, random sampling, and graph homomorphisms
  Tuesday 28th 4pm 2511 Martin Otto Bisimilar Covers in the Finite Model Theory of the Modal and Guarded Fragments
  Tuesday 4 4pm 2511 Martin Grohe Why do Paul Erdoes and Parameterized Complexity Theory appear in the title of the same talk?
  Thursday 13 4pm 2511 Mario Bravetti An Integrated Approach for the Specification and Analysis of Stochastic Real-Time Systems
  Tuesday 18 5pm 6206 Kousha Etessami Realizability and verification of Message Sequence Charts and MSC graphs
  Tuesday 25 4pm 2511 Mark Steedman Linear-Dynamic Event Calculus
  Tuesday 2 4pm 2511 David Maier Exploiting Punctuation Semantics in Continuous Data Streams
  Friday 20 11am 2511 Albert Atserias Automatization of propositional proof systems
  Wednesday 30 4pm 2511 Mary Cryan Algorithms for randomly sampling Contingency tables
  Tuesday 12 4pm 2511 Bill Rounds The Phi-calculus - a new language for distributed control of continuous reconfigurable systems
  Tuesday 19 4pm 2511 Bakhadyr Khoussainov On Algebraic Specifications of Abstract Data Types
  Tuesday 26 4pm 2511 John C. Reynolds Separation Logic: A Logic for Shared Mutable Data Structures

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