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LFCS Seminar Series 2007-8

Date Time Room Speaker Title
August 2008
Tuesday 12 4pm IF G03 Nicole Immorlica The Myth of the Folk Theorem
July 2008
Tuesday 8 3pm IF 4.31 DeLesley Hutchins Pure Subtype Systems: A Type Theory for Extensible Software
Thursday 3 11am IF 4.31 Ross Duncan Interacting Quantum Observables, OR: Computing with Complementarity
(Joint CISA/LFCS seminar)
May 2008
Friday 30 11am 2511 Umut A. Acar Self-Adjusting Computation
Tuesday 13 4pm 2511 Matthew Parkinson Verifying OO Programs: the good, the bad, and the ugly
Tuesday 6 4pm 2511 Harald Räcke Optimal Hierarchical Decompositions for Congestion Minimisation in Networks
Tuesday 29 4pm 2511 Thomas Forster Negative Type Theory
Tuesday 22 4pm 2511 Pasquale Malacaria Security: what's the worst that can happen?
Thursday 17 4pm 2511 Hans Hüttel Type Inference for Correspondence Types
Tuesday 15 4pm 2511 Edith Elkind Nash Equilibria in Graphical Games on Trees
Monday 31 4pm 2511 Tim Harris What does atomic mean?
Friday 28 2pm 2511 Samson Abramsky Axiomatics of No-Cloning and No-Deleting
Tuesday 18 4pm 2511 Alex Simpson Intuitionistic set theories and their models
Tuesday 11 4pm 2511 Philippa Gardner Local Hoare Reasoning about DOM
Friday 7 2pm 2509 Achim Jung Stone Duality for bitopological spaces
Tuesday 4 4pm 2511 Tim Griffin The metarouting project
Tuesday 26 4pm 2511 Scott Owens A Sound Semantics for OCaml light
Monday 25 4pm 2511 Andrew Kennedy Compiling with Continuations, Continued
Tuesday 19 4pm 2511 Vincent Danos Rule-based modelling of cellular signalling
Thursday 7 4pm 2511 Robin Milner Bigraphs as a categorical abstract machine
Tuesday 5 4pm 2511 Andy Gill The worker/wrapper transformation
Tuesday 22 4pm 2511 Conor McBride What sort of program is a proof?
December 2007
Tuesday 11 4pm 2511 Roland Meyer A Petri Net Semantics for Pi-Calculus Verification
Thursday 6 2pm 2511 Andrew D. Gordon Baltic: Service Combinators for Farming Virtual Machines
Tuesday 4 4pm 2511 Jim Laird A trace semantics of (something like) ML
Tuesday 27 4pm 2511 Paul Blain Levy Nondeterminism: many questions and (maybe) some answers
Friday 23 2pm 2511 Philippa Gardner A Compositional Specification of DOM using Context Logic
(postponed until a later date)
Tuesday 20 4pm 2511 Sabine Glesner Correct and Efficient Software Systems: Pie in the Sky or Viable Vision?
(Joint ICSA/LFCS seminar)
Tuesday 13 4pm 2511 Michael Rathjen From Hilbert's programme to ordinal analysis.
Tuesday 23 4pm 2511 Damien Woods The complexity of small universal Turing machines
Tuesday 25 3pm 2511 John Power Structural Operational Semantics for Computational Effects
Tuesday 11 4pm 2511 Carl Hewitt The Logical Necessity of Inconsistency

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