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Nominations for future lecturers

The Director of LFCS makes the selection of each year's Milner Lecturer, following a periodic call for nominations. To make a nomination, contact Kousha Etessami. Please include a brief case for support, explaining why your nominee fits the description quoted below, mentioning the nature of their theoretical work and its significance for practical computing. Nominations are carried over from one year to the next.


In a letter with the donation, Robin specified that the lecturer should be;

...someone from outside the University who has done or is doing excellent and original theoretical work which has a perceived significance for practical computing. The spirit of the proposal is to keep a live connection between theory and application in computer science.

Nominations should address the following points, in a paragraph or two:

  • the nominee's "excellent and original theoretical" contribution, typically in theoretical computer science, but perhaps in mathematics, linguistics or other sciences;
  • the impact of this theoretical work upon practice in computer science or computing;
  • the recent track record of the nominee in giving public lectures.



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