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Past Events

List of events which have passed.

Lab Lunch by Richard Mayr

Playing Energy Games or What is it like to ski in the southern hemisphere?

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LFCS/ICSA Joint Seminar: Laurence Tratt, 29 Feb 2012

Domain specific languages: why? how? and where next?

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LFCS Seminar: Anindya Banerjee

Modular Reasoning about Object-based Programs

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LFCS Seminar: Barnaby Martin

A tetrachotomy for positive equality-free logic

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Lab Lunch Talk by Nassim Seghir

Nassim Seghir will give a lab lunch talk on Verification and Certification of Android Apps

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Lab Lunch Talk by Matteo Cavaliere

The Rise and Fall of Cooperative Communities (and why Prosperity may be Associated with Instability)

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Lab Lunch by David Aspinall

Investigatory Powers and Responsibilities

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Lab Lunch by Wenfei Fan

Querying Big Graphs: Theory and Practice

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LFCS seminar by Ulfar Erlingsson (Google)

Macaroons: Cookies with Contextual Caveats for Decentralized Authorization in the Cloud

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