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Past Events

List of events which have passed.

Lab Lunch by Kousha Etessami

The complexity of computing a (quasi-)perfect equilibrium for an n-player extensive form game of perfect recall.

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LFCS Seminar: Conor McBride

Do Be Do Be Do (Smooth Effect and Value Polymorphism with Frank)

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LFCS Seminar: Christian Urban

Formalising Regular Language Theory with Regular Expressions

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Lab Lunch by Stuart Anderson

Balancing foundational and translational research in School of Informatics

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LFCS Seminar: Julian Gutierrez

Determinacy for concurrent games on event structures

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LFCS Seminar: Paolo Zuliani

Verification of Stochastic Systems by Statistical Model Checking

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Lab Lunch by Perdita Stevens

What happens at an EPSRC prioritisation panel?

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Lab Lunch by Kyriakos Kalorkoti

Making Photographs in the Highlands in the Shadow of History

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Lab Lunch by Jiansen He

Having Cloud in Hand: Google vs Amazon

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Lab Lunch: Prof Andrew D. Gordon

Title: Experience with Verifying Cryptographic Software in C

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Lab Lunch by Karoliina Lehtinen

Eliminating complexity in modal mu calculus & a brief survey of folk dancing in Edinburgh and elsewhere.

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LFCS Seminar: Jean-Raymond Abrial

Formalizing Hybrid Systems with Event-B

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