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Past Events

List of events which have passed.

Lab Lunch by Perdita Stevens

What happens at an EPSRC prioritisation panel?

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Lab Lunch by Kyriakos Kalorkoti

Making Photographs in the Highlands in the Shadow of History

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Lab Lunch by Jiansen He

Having Cloud in Hand: Google vs Amazon

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Lab Lunch: Prof Andrew D. Gordon

Title: Experience with Verifying Cryptographic Software in C

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Lab Lunch by Karoliina Lehtinen

Eliminating complexity in modal mu calculus & a brief survey of folk dancing in Edinburgh and elsewhere.

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LFCS Seminar: Jean-Raymond Abrial

Formalizing Hybrid Systems with Event-B

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Vijayanand Nagarajan: Towards Semantics-directed Hardware Memory Consistency

The memory consistency model which mandates what value a memory read can return, is at the heart of shared memory concurrency. With regard to memory consistency models, an inherent trade-off between programmability and performance is presumed. For instance, it is thought that implementing sequential consistency (SC) would be too expensive as it is presumed that it would preclude hardware optimisations such as write-buffering. In this talk, we show that prior hardware SC implementations are overly restrictive in that they do not exploit most of the concurrency opportunities allowed by SC. We proceed to show how SC can be implemented efficiently while retaining hardware optimisations such as write-buffering. We conclude by arguing for semantics-directed hardware design for realising programmable, yet efficient shared memory consistency models.

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Lab Lunch by Anna Pappa

Nonlocality and conflicting interests

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LFCS Seminar: Ohad Kammar

Title: Algebraic Foundations to Effect-Dependent Optimisations

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LFCS PhD Lunch

Pizza Lunch and informal tutorial for all LFCS PhD students

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Rahul Santhanam: The Case of the New Menard

You're called upon to be sleuths and judges in a real-life academic mystery. (Clue: Yong Sun)

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Laura Meagher: Impact Evaluation: Making Knowledge Exchange Visible

As increasing attention is paid to influences of research beyond academia, complementary challenges exist: generating impacts and capturing impacts. Impacts can take place over the long-term and can take multiple forms, some of them quite subtle.Insights from across numerous impact evaluations of research initiatives and funding schemes illuminate: 1) ways in which impacts can be articulated and 2) ways in which knowledge exchange can lead to impacts.

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