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Past Events

List of events which have passed.

Lab Lunch by Andrew Drucker

Limits to Efficient Preprocessing

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Lab Lunch by Rik Sarkar

Small sets from big data: Identifying representative elements through optimization and filtration

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Lab Lunch by Perdita Stevens

Beating or, Lecturer Efficiency: automating feedback and tracking or, Writing perl is a lot more fun than marking

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Lab Lunch with Fabian Nigel

At the usual time, in the usual place, Fabian Nigel will speak about code generation for efficient query processing in managed runtimes. The usual biscuits will be provided.

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Lab Lunch by Patrick Totzke

Hack your inbox: building alot for notmuch

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Lab Lunch by Chiranjit Chakraborty

Instance compression and Counting hierarchy

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Lab Lunch - Petros Wallden

What is quantum non-locality and how to use it to maintain privacy when you don't trust your own devices.

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Lab Lunch - Michael Fourman

Quantifying inequality in the distribution of a binary advantage.

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Lab Lunch - Paul Jackson

Creating finite-state abstractions of continuous systems

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Lab Lunch: Dr Alan Smaill

Title: Computing pi the slow way

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Lab Lunch by Julian Bradfield

Two short talks: "The structure of events in boolean games" and "The frustrations of shooting".

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