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Paul Jackson

High-assurance software symposium

I'll summarise some of the highlights of this industry-oriented symposium I attended a couple of weeks ago. The symposium was hosted by the high-assurance software consultancy Altran Praxis ( and was also a user group meeting for the SPARK Ada subset that Altran Praxis supports. 

The programme was:
* Combining SPARK Benefits and the Agility and Productivity of Model-Based Design. Eric Bantegnie, Esterel Technologies
* Designing and Implementing a Verifiable High Assurance Workstation Alex Senier, Secunet
* The Challenges of Delivering High Assurance Software into a Time-Constrained Air Traffic Control Programme. Neil White, Altran Praxis
* Autocoding - do we still need software design? Rod White, MBDA
* Open Source Software and Formal Methods. Robert Dewar, AdaCore
* Software for Active Life Support Systems. Alex Deas, DeepLife Limited
* An update on the latest and upcoming features of SPARK Pro 9.1. Trevor Jennings, Altran Praxis
* The SEI's PSPSM and TSPSM - Culture and Discipline for High Assurance Software. Rod Chapman, Altran Praxis
* The Full-MDE Project - Formal Model-Based Design for Space Applications. David Lesens, EADS Astrium Space Transportation


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