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PhD Reading Group

Our first meeting will take place on Thursday 28th February in MF2. Lunch will be provided and soft drinks too.

For this  inaugural meeting we will have an invited speaker, Grant Passmore, who completed his PhD in LFCS. Grant will give a tutorial on Decision Problems in Algebra and Geometry.

There will be plenty of time for discussion after the tutorial. If you wish to read some background to this topic, Grant suggests Chapter 2 of his thesis at:

Future Meetings

After the tutorial and discussion we will hold a short meeting about the future of LFCS PhD lunch. Thank you to everyone who has already come forward with loads of great ideas. If you wish to have your say about the way we conduct future meeting or the topics we cover, then please stay for the discussion. The idea is to continue holding these meetings once a month. At each meeting there will be either a paper presented by one of us and discussed by the group (reading group style), or a tutorial.

Please email your ideas/suggestions etc to Chris Banks.




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