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Lab Lunch with Craig Innes

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Craig Innes will join us to talk about programming as an interactive experience. Biscuits will be provided as usual.

  • Lab Lunch
When May 27, 2014
from 01:00 PM to 02:00 PM
Where MF2, 4.40
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Speaker: Craig Innes

Title: Programming as an interactive experience

This project explores the feasibility of creating programming tools in
Haskell which update their result *immediately* when the user makes a
change. Such tools would allow programmers to alter a program's source code
and instantly perceive the effects of their changes without saving,
compiling, and running the program themselves. Such a system could also
provide *two-way* interaction by letting the programmer manipulate the
result of a running program. Such manipulations should lead automatically
and instantly to the corresponding changes in the source code.

The main contribution of this project was the development of a programming
tool for simple 2D graphics and animation which embodies the above
principles. The tool was written in Haskell, for Haskell programs.
Implementing the system in a purely functional language provides the
opportunity to use techniques such as higher-order functions.
Additionally properties of the language, such as the absence of
side-effects, simplifies particular problems while making others more

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