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Sam Lindley

Off-piste skiing in Scotland (and France)

This has been the best year for Scottish skiing for a long time. At one point Glencoe had more fresh snowfall (80cm) in 24 hours than anywhere else in the world. The Cairngorm ski area is still open for skiing and still has over three metres of snow at the top.

As a keen skier I will talk about some of my skiing experiences in Scotland (and France) this year including:
- snow art
- snow hares
- why removing your skis isn't always a good idea
- the dangers of rescuing puppies in a foreign country
- skiing off the roof of a house
- a guided 80km ski through three ski resorts and the Vanoise national park
- a 1500m vertical descent down a 45 degree couloir (obviously this wasn't in Scotland as Scotland's highest mountain is lower than 1500m)
- ski touring (walking up Munros wearing skis)

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