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Secure Quantum-Classical Multi Party Computation

The field of secure multiparty computation (SMPC) was founded in the 80’s by the celebrated protocol of Yao that defined the pillar of cryptography to date. However the overhead of some of these protocols have made them impractical so far. On the other hand we have recently witnessed the immense success and rapid expansion of the field of delegated quantum computing.

We aim in this project to bridge between the two fields to develop various hybrid quantum-classical secure multiparty computation protocols where security and potentially practicality of the original classical protocols are boosted. At the same time we would be able to address the very question of secure multiparty quantum computation, a novel route to be explored to go beyond the quantum key distribution as the main activities in the field of quantum cryptography.

Our proposed schemes will be based on the protocol of blind quantum computing and the related verification scheme. These protocols could be adapted to present a quantum analogue of the Yao protocol while providing potentially a more secure scheme.

Furthermore the first proof-of-principle implementations for these quantum protocols already exists that supports our global ambition of making the hybrid scheme more practical as well.


Supervisors: Elham Kashefi and Petros Wallden

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