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Testing model transformations

Develop some aspect of the theory of testing model transformations.

Model transformations are a key element of model-driven approaches to developing software. However, they are hard to test, e.g. because their typical inputs and outputs are complex enough that it is hard to construct many test cases and check outputs without support. Many different languages are in use for writing model transformations, some of which support bi-directionality, which may add further challenge to the testing process. This project should first survey the field of testing model transformations and then pick some area of testing theory to contribute to. For example, mutation testing of transformations might be interesting; or one might develop a theory of how to construct a range of input models which would be as simple as possible, and investigate what assurange could be gained in this way. It might be appropriate for the project to involve developing a tool, but the main focus should be theoretical.

Potential supervisors

Perdita Stevens

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