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LFCS Lab Lunch talks 2019

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Talks are on Tuesdays, starting at 1:00pm, in The Informatics Forum, Room MF2 4.40 (Mini-Forum 2, Level 4).


Current Organiser: Ruiqi Xu

Please would the current organiser make sure that who ever takes over from them is briefed. 

15/01/2019 Mike Fourman

Computation & Logic: How should we introduce our undergraduates to the foundations of informatics?

22/01/2019 Kyriakos Kalorkoti
Reasoning under uncertainty when it really matters
29/01/2019 Milos Nikolic

Counting triangles under updates in worst case optimal time 

05/02/2019 Paul Jackson Lean - a new interactive theorem proving system

12/02/2019 Mary Cryan New results in approximation counting: Matroid bases and other problems
19/02/2019 Myrto Arapinis Cancelled
26/02/2019 Wenfei Fan Adaptive Parallelization of Sequential Graph Algorithms

Kami Vaniea

URLS and Phishing
12/03/2019 Andreas Pieris Three open problems concerning querying data
19/03/2019 Vesko Velichkov Symmetric-key Cryptography and the Properties of Modular Addition
26/03/2019 Evgenia Teplechuk Administrative support service & process: improvement plan
02/04/2019 Leonid Libkin Cancelled
09/04/2019 Colin Stirling Equivalence of pushdown automata
Elham Kashefi Cancelled
23/04/2019 John Longley Hercules and the Hydra
30/04/2019 Guido Sanguinetti Cancelled
07/05/2019 Arik Sarkar Cancelled
14/05/2019 Stuart Anderson Cancelled
21/05/2019 Kami iVaniea Cancelled
28/05/2019 Jane Hillston TBA
04/05/2019 Petros Wallden TBA
11/06/2019 Jane Hillston Statistical Abstraction for Multi-scale Spatio-temporal Systems
18/06/2019 Paulo Guagliardo Fragments of Bag Relational Algebra: Expressiveness and Certain Answers
25/06/2019 Petros Wallden How classical parties can obtain secure access to quantum internet
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