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Deputy Director


In creating the Division of Informatics, new structures were set up that aim to provide administrative and organisational support sufficient to reduce considerably the administrative tasks of members and Heads of Institutes.

In addition to these it is the experience of LFCS that institute management has a significant scientific component. To take account of this the LFCS Director has appointed an academic staff member as Deputy Director.

The size of LFCS makes this scientific component a substantial responsibility, amounting to around twice a lecturer's expected administrative load.

The formal responsibility of the Deputy Director is to implement the academic and scientific management of LFCS, as determined by the Director. Details of specific duties are listed in the full job description.

The current appointment of the Deputy Director is for three years. After that the LFCS Director will review the role, with particular attention to the scale of the job.

Stratis Viglas currently holds this post and in consideration of these administrative duties his non-core teaching load is reduced.

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