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LFCS Organisation

The Laboratory for Foundations of Computer Science (LFCS) is a research institute within the School of Informatics.  It has around thirty-four members, 35 of which are teaching staff. Other affiliates include 26 researchers,  63 PhD students, numerous visitors, support staff, and several associates from other institutions .

The institute is managed on a day-to-day basis by its Director Kousha Etessami, and deputy Mary Cryan. The Research Committee consists mainly of independent researchers for LFCS.  Business meetings are held quarterly where members are invited to provide input on the direction and management of the institute. For further details click here.

LFCS has its own budget which is used for PhD StudentshipsResearch Travel and distributed between small project grants. Whilst individual grant management is the responsibility of the investigators,  LFCS provides a strong cultural environment to support all research.

Research in LFCS is organised around the interests and projects of individual staff members and also within several research groups. The weekly lab lunch provides a forum for research communication within LFCS and normally involves members giving a short presentation. This is supplemented by research clubs in specific areas and a more formal seminar series. We also provide training in theoretical computer science with the Postgraduate Course in Theory of Computation, aimed at our first year PhD students.

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