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Research Travel Fund

LFCS maintains a fund to cover reasonable expenses incurred by members participating in conferences, workshops or other meetings of high academic standing.


Any member of LFCS may apply for support, which can cover travel, registration fees, subsistence, or some combination of these. There are a number of other more specific sources of funding, which all applicants should consider first.

  • Postgraduate students can seek travel grants from the Informatics Graduate School. Some meetings have specific grants available to encourage student participation.
  • Research staff should in general be supported by the grant which employs them.
  • Academic staff are, in the long term, expected to seek their own funding for conference travel by applying for appropriate research grants.

The purpose of the LFCS fund is to provide support when these alternatives have been exhausted, or are insufficient to cover all costs.


In general, students and staff have an annual personal budget for travel. Reasonable requests for LFCS-funded travel are accepted as long as the personal budget is not exceeded.  Naturally, research and academic staff are encouraged to use funding from research grants towards attending conferences and visiting other research labs. Upon returning from any trip assisted by LFCS, members may be required to present a trip report at lab lunch.

International meetings

The meeting must be of high academic standing, and "international" in having a reasonable proportion of participants from outside the host country.

The applicant must make a substantive contribution to the meeting: such as giving an invited talk, presenting a paper, or attending a program committee meeting. Students requesting money for summer schools need the support of their supervisor.

National meetings

The meeting must be of high academic standing. The applicant is expected to engage fully with the meeting, but no specific form of contribution is required.


The fund is administered by the LFCS Portfolio Manager. Intending applicants should contact Kousha Etessami with details of the meeting they wish to attend, how it satisfies the criteria above, and what other sources of funding they have applied for.

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