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POPL Distinguished Paper Award

Congratulations to Matthijs Vákár, Ohad Kammar, and Sam Staton

Matthijs Vákár (Columbia University), Ohad Kammar (LFCS, University of Edinburgh), and Sam Staton (University of Oxford) won a distinguished paper award at the annual ACM SIGPLAN Symposium on Principles of Programming Languages (POPL'19).

The paper, A domain theory for statistical probabilistic programming, published in the journal Proceedings of the ACM in Programming Languages (PACMPL), marks a breakthrough in the mathematical modelling of programming languages for probability and statistics. It builds on the pioneering domain-theoretic work on models of probabilistic programming that was done by LFCS alumna Claire Jones supervised by Gordon D. Plotkin) in her 1990 PhD thesis. This thesis builds on earlier work by Nasser Saheb-Djahromi conducted while visiting Robin Milner at Edinburgh.

POPL is the top-tier general conference in programming language theory. Distinguished paper awards are new in POPL this year, awarded to at most 10% of the accepted papers (6 awards out of 77 accepted papers this year). They highlight papers that the POPL program committee thinks should be read by a broad audience due their relevance, originality, significance and clarity. The selection of the distinguished papers was based on the final version of the paper and through a second review process.




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